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Sources available at the André Chastel Centre

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Several databases and indexes are available on request, by getting in touch with André Chastel Centre (Karine [dot] Boulangeratparis-sorbonne [dot] fr (K. Boulanger) for collection ‘Lambert’) or delphine [dot] thierry-miegatcnrs [dot] fr (D.Thierry-Mieg).

  • Ancient plans of French monastic complexes and religious buildings (Photographic collection ‘Lambert’). Catalogue and making of the database : Karine Boulanger.
  • Parisian Grocery Products, 16th - 19th Century. Author : Benoît Dufournier.
  • Cities of art and history: collection of slides representing the urban and architectural heritage, ordered by the DAPA in 1987. Making and updating of the database based on the collection: Geneviève-Marie Marion, in collaboration with Camille Ridel-Brouillard.
  • Gothic architecture: personal photographic collection of Prof. Anne Prache. Filing and processing of the documents into a database: Geneviève-Marie Marion.
Publié le 12.04.2023